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My idea of Made In GB started like so many in a pub, just before St George's day. My friends and I suggested that we only drink English beer on the day; one of them then turned to me and bet me I couldn't wear all British made clothes as well. The bet was on and from this the idea was born.

Not knowing where to buy the clothes I turned to the Internet and managed to source the various items but found it very time consuming, if I had trouble then so would others. I won the bet (and a free beer) and over the next few months found over 300 companies either retailing or manufacturing UK made clothes and accessories.

With the recent interest in the UK manufacturing sector and the jobs this supports, I hope my website proves to be a useful step in sourcing these products. If you know of any more companies that may want to be listed or just ways to improve the site then please contact me.

Although this website's primary goal is to promote UK manufacturing,some of the companies listed do not produce all of their products in the UK.

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